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Make a Gift Order

Give a little bit of everything. sukoshimart.com has everything you need to send a cozy gift haul.



  1. Build your cart. Check out our curated Gift Ideas or buy a SUKOSHI MART E-Gift Card if you need a quick gift!
  2. Select Make it a Gift in your cart. Every gift package comes with a gift receipt without prices.
  3. Send a custom message by typing in the From, To and Message fields. Custom messages are printed on SUKOSHI MART stationery and delivered inside your gift package. Make sure to click Save Message.
  4. Click Go to Checkout to proceed with the checkout process.


  1. Fill out checkout details and enter your email address to keep your delivery package a secret. If you are sending an eGift card, you can forward the eGift card email.
  2. Add your gift-receiver's address and details in the Shipping address section.
  3. Select your delivery method.

Delivery & Customer Service

  1. Track the delivery via the Shop App or tracking number in your delivery confirmation email.
  2. If your gift-receiver has any questions or concerns, we have a dedicated hotline noted on the gift receipt to coordinate customer support.