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Order Modification & Cancellation

Can I change/cancel my order?

If you would like to inquire about making changes to or cancelling your order, you can contact us at hello@sukoshimart.com. Include “Order Cancellation/Change” in your email subject line as well as your order number. Orders cannot be cancelled if the order has already been packed or fulfilled. We do not offer price adjustments.

I entered the wrong address! What do I do?

If you require changes to any information on your order, please email us at hello@sukoshimart.com as soon as possible along with your order number. Once your order ships, we are unable to process changes. SUKOSHI MART is not responsible for any additional delivery charges resulting from misgiven information.

I have purchased an item that is out of stock. What do I do?

Although we make our best efforts to flag out-of-stock products, rarely, such items may appear available and turn up in your cart. If you have purchased an out-of-stock item, don’t fret! You will be notified promptly through email and be provided a solution to exchange or refund the item.

I received the wrong/damaged item. What do I do?

Please send us an email with your full name, purchase order number, and a picture and/or video of your damaged item(s) at hello@sukoshimart.com. We’ll be in contact with you promptly to provide next steps.

For K-pop purchases with defects: On rare occasions, companies that produce albums and merchandise make mistakes. This might involve printing errors or missing contents. In this instance, as these elements are beyond our control, exchanges cannot be made. That said, we will determine eligibility for a partial refund on a case-by-case basis. Follow the steps above for more information.

I’m missing an order product from my package! What should I do?

We are diligent in making sure all orders leave us with the correct items. If we have made an error, please shoot us an email with your full name, purchase order number, and the name of the item missing from your package. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

In rare cases, a purchase order may be split into two (or more) fulfillments. If this is the case, please kindly check your inbox to see if multiple shipments have been processed. As always, send us an email to address any concerns.

Can I exchange some of my products in store?

We cannot offer in-store exchanges for items purchased online at this time.

Billing Information & Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Shop Pay.

I keep getting a ZIP/Postal Code error. What should I do?

Please email us at hello@sukoshimart.com with your full name and email address to inform our customer service team. In the case that we're unable locate an order under the information you provide, your pending payment should be reversed by your bank within 3-5 business days.

I cannot place my order on the checkout page. What should I do?

For your own privacy, we cannot have details as to the reason your transaction failed. We suggest you double-check your credit card and billing details, or attempt another method of payment. If the transaction continues to fail, it may be helpful to contact your credit card company to authorize the transaction before completing checkout.

Can I use a gift card I bought in-store for my online order?

At this time, we only accept e-gift cards for online purchases. Gift cards bought in person must be used for an in-store purchase.

SUKOSHI Rewards Program FAQ

What is the SUKOSHI Rewards Program?

The SUKOSHI Rewards Program is our free loyalty program in Canada, US, and the UK that lets you earn points on all your purchases at SUKOSHI MART and redeem those points for rewards ("Rewards").

How do I earn SUKOSHI Rewards points?

For every Canadian dollar / U.S dollar / GBP spent (based on country of purchase) on purchases at sukoshimart.com or in SUKOSHI MART stores, you receive 1 SUKOSHI Rewards point. You must login or check out with the email address linked to your SUKOSHI Rewards account to earn and redeem points.

Stay tuned for SUKOSHI Rewards events to earn bonus points. Bonus points offers multiply your point earnings per dollar spend, depending on your SUKOSHI Rewards VIP status.

How do I achieve SUKOSHI Blue Status?

To achieve SUKOSHI VIP Blue Status, spend $350 (before shipping and taxes) in a calendar year online at sukoshimart.com or at SUKOSHI MART stores. View Terms and Conditions page for full program rules.

How do I achieve SUKOSHI Gold Status?

To achieve SUKOSHI VIP Gold status, spend $1,000 (before shipping and taxes) in a calendar year online at sukoshimart.com or at SUKOSHI MART stores. View Terms and Conditions page for full program rules.

Where can I go to find all of my SUKOSHI Rewards account information?

Head to your SUKOSHI Rewards page. You can view your year-to-date activity and your current points balance, redeem points for Rewards and gifts, and learn about your SUKOSHI Rewards benefits. To access your account, log in to your SUKOSHI Rewards account at sukoshimart.com

What types of merchandise count for collecting SUKOSHI points?

"Merchandise" for the purpose of collecting SUKOSHI Rewards points includes all products sold at sukoshimart.com and in SUKOSHI MART retail stores. The value of "merchandise" does not include physical and electronic gift cards. If a bonus points event applies to any of these non-merchandise categories, the event rules apply. View Terms and Conditions page for full program rules.

What happens to my points when I return items?

All points earned for your returned purchase, including bonus points, will be deducted from your SUKOSHI Rewards account upon return. It is possible to have a negative SUKOSHI Rewards balance after your return is completed.

What happens to my SUKOSHI Rewards points if part of my order is cancelled?

SUKOSHI Rewards points are awarded for the value of all items purchased. If an item is cancelled or removed from your order, your payment will be adjusted or partially reversed. You will not earn SUKOSHI Rewards points for refunded, unpaid or incomplete payments

What are Rewards?

SUKOSHI Rewards change monthly. Offerings range from deluxe product samples to product bundles and limited edition items. See current SUKOSHI Rewards offerings on our Rewards page.

Rewards are non-transferable, have no cash value (unless required by law) and cannot be exchanged, sold or returned. SUKOSHI MART is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged rewards. SUKOSHI MART and SUKOSHI brands are not responsible for any taxes incurred by customers and clients. Some rewards may only be available to residents of a particular country (e.g., U.S. residents only or Canada residents only). Rewards are subject to change, alteration, substitution, or termination at SUKOSHI MART's sole discretion without notice and at any time. See specific SUKOSHI Rewards offers for any additional terms and conditions.

How do I redeem Rewards?

Log in to your SUKOSHI Rewards account to add Rewards to your cart from the Rewards menu or at checkout. When shopping in-store, SUKOSHI Rewards Program kiosks can be found at checkout.

Can I return Rewards?

Rewards may not be returned or exchanged for points, a refund, another product, a gift card, or e-gift certificate.

What happens to my SUKOSHI Rewards if part of my order or entire order is cancelled?

If an item cancelled from your purchase drops your Rewards points balance below the amount required for the Reward, you may still receive the reward with the rest of your order. Points will be deducted from your account for the Reward. In such cases, your account may be left with a negative points balance.

What happens to my samples, sample bag or other promotional items if part of my order or entire order is cancelled?

Samples, Sample Bags and all other promotional items are shipped with merchandise orders only. If part of your order is cancelled or removed, any Samples, Sample Bag and/or other promotional items in your order will ship with the rest of your order. If your entire order is cancelled, you do not qualify for Samples, Sample Bag and other promotional items.

Are there any limitations to the number of Rewards that I can redeem?

Due to limited quantities, you may only redeem one unit of any particular Reward from the SUKOSHI Rewards per given transaction. Further, you may not redeem more than 10 of the same type of Reward SKU per year.

Can I give my Blue and Gold Reward code to someone else?

Blue and Gold Rewards are not transferable and may not be sold or assigned to anyone else. Attempts to transfer the code may invalidate the Reward.

Do Points expire?

We encourage you to earn and redeem your points strategically, so that you get to experience the full benefits of the SUKOSHI Rewards program. All unredeemed points expire when you have not engaged in SUKOSHI Rewards activity (e.g., redeeming Rewards, your Birthday Gift, and earning points) for a span of 12 months or longer. If you have questions regarding the date of your last point activity or your last purchase, email hello@sukoshimart.com for details. Points will automatically expire if your membership is revoked or cancelled for any reason. All SUKOSHI Rewards points (bonus points inclusive) earned from returned, cancelled, partially returned, and partially cancelled purchases will be deducted from your account in correspondence with the total amount refunded or unpaid. Your account may hold a negative balance after any return or cancellation.