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Your Gift Guide for Taurus

Spring means new blooms, picnic dates at the park, and…the beginning of Taurus season! This earth sign loves to indulge in the finer things in life, so it’s only fitting that we match that energy by finding them the perfect gift!

As the first earth sign in the zodiac, Tauruses tend to be grounded individuals who are known for their practicality. They also tend to be some of the most dependable friends in your social circle, and you know that they’re always willing to lend a helping hand, especially since they never shy away from a little hard work. They also love to surround themselves with people and things that bring them comfort, so let’s make sure they stay in their happy bubbles by giving them something to make their day brighter!


Just like their spirit animal–the bull–Tauruses can be just a touch stubborn at times, but that also works in their favour–they’ve got tenacious spirits, and they’ve got the willpower to accomplish great things because they don’t know the meaning of “giving up”. In the year 2022, that’s going to be more important than ever for this sign as they set out to fulfill the lofty goals that they’ve set for themselves. It’s also important for Taurus signs to thrive this year by focusing on self-care and protecting their peace, as nothing makes Tauruses happier than stability and comfort in their day-to-day lives.

Make a Statement with Earrings!



Shimmering and delicately designed sterling silver earrings will set the mood for any outfit. Throw on these Taurus constellation earrings to complete your look, and to rep that Taurus spirit!


Tauruses are Generous

Tauruses love nothing better than being surrounded by their friends and family—it’s the main source of comfort in their lives, and it definitely shows when that generous spirit of theirs shines through!




Make sure that your Taurus friends are ready for the next picnic outing at the park with this adorable Miffy© Flower Bento Box! Tauruses will especially appreciate the moveable partition design that allows them to pack in a variety of different goodies and yummy treats to share with their friends and family.


Tauruses are Dependable

You never have to worry when it comes to Taurus signs—they’ve shown time and time again that they’re a reliable and trustworthy friend with whom you can feel comfortable spilling any tea.




It only makes sense to get your Taurus friends a cute and cozy mug to hold their drinks during your next catch-up chit-chat sessions! This DECOLE Pocori Forest Patterned Mug features a woodsy pattern that looks like it was made just for this earth sign.


Tauruses are Hardworking

Tauruses are nothing if not hardworking. Their innate stubbornness works in their favour when it comes to persevering and completing tasks and projects to the high standards that they’ve set for themselves.




Tauruses sometimes need a gentle reminder to not become so absorbed in their work that they ignore everything else—making time to take care of themselves and to de-stress is important, too. This Polar Bear Bathtub Mist Humidifier is as functional as it is adorable for adding a relaxing vibe to any room, and it’s small and compact for added convenience when space is tight.


Tauruses are Patient

Time seems to move differently for Tauruses—that’s the only way to explain their ability to practice patience in situations that would make any normal person crack.



Don’t underestimate Tauruses—their infinite patience means that they’re often willing to play the long game to get what they want, which makes these Howl's Moving Castle Playing Cards the perfect gift to face off with them and watch them in action as they decimate their opponents at the last second.


Tauruses are Keen on Aesthetics

With a sharp eye for aesthetics, Tauruses are secretly one of the most creative zodiac signs! They love looking at pretty things, and they’ve got a knack for picking out just the right colour combinations and elements when it comes to art and design.




Give Taurus an excuse to reveal that creative spirit with this Peripera x TETEUM All Take Mood Palette. This palette contains all the earthy browns and shimmering glitters that a Taurus could need to test out the makeup looks that they’ve been envisioning in their mind’s eye.


Next month, it’s all about Gemini—make sure to check back for our gift guide!


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