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Your Gift Guide for Scorpio

If you feel a change in the air, it’s because Scorpio season is officially upon us. It can be hard to figure out just how to please this mysterious water sign, which is why we’re helping you out with this gift guide.

Autumn is in full swing which means spooky season, Halloween, and … Scorpio season! With black being Scorpio’s power colour, it’s only fitting that we spend the rest of October being ruled by this zodiac sign’s intense energy.


Scorpios are known for their passionate approach to everything in life–whether it comes to their career, their hobbies, or maintaining their relationships with those that they love. 2022 is the year to amp things up by combining that passionate zeal with their charisma and intuition to take the plunge and explore new opportunities, paths, and dreams in order to end off 2022 on a high note, and start off the next year strong.

Make a Statement with Earrings!

What better way to rep that Scorpio pride than with a pair of sparkly and unique constellation studs? Dress these up or down for any occasion.


Scorpios are Intense

If there’s one thing that Scorpios are known for, it’s their intensity and passion towards everything in life.


When it’s time to de-stress, make sure that the Scorpio friends in your life have everything they need to relax with this adorable DECOLE Shiba Bath Ceramic Diffuser! It’s convenient to operate with its waterless design, and it also adds some charm to any space.


Scorpios are Intuitive

Scorpios somehow always have this innate (and kind of spooky) ability to suss out situations and form hunches that are scarily accurate.

SHOP BT21© Puzzle

Test your Scorpio friend’s abilities with this 500 piece BT21© BABY Jelly Candy Jigsaw Puzzle. This puzzle features all of the adorable BT21© BABY characters, and it’ll give your Scorpio friends a fun way to pass some time.


Scorpios are Emotional

Scorpio’s intense and passionate nature goes hand-in-hand with their deep emotional capacity and tendency to feel all the emotions.


Help remind your Scorpio friends to take time out of their day to relax and clear their minds with this adorable DECOLE Kannya Cat Ceramic Teapot. It’s both a cute and functional way to unwind with a comforting pot of hot tea.


Scorpios are Self-Reliant

Even though Scorpios are known for their desire to connect with others, they’ve got a strong streak of independence to them with the way they go about life so self-reliantly.


Even though Scorpios don’t tend to need to rely on anyone, sometimes they need a little support, too. Give your friends this Sanrio© Kuromi Cool Pajama Plush so they have a companion to hug whenever they’ve had a tough day.


Scorpios are Leaders

Scorpios have that go-getter attitude and intensity that make them natural fits for leadership roles. They don’t mind taking charge, and people are naturally drawn to their charisma.


A practical gift never hurts, and this LINE FRIENDS© BROWN & Earth Monthly Planner fits the bill. It’ll help your Scorpio friends organize and keep track of everything on their plates, and it also has fully customizable dates so this planner can be used to suit their unique needs.


If you need some gift inspo for your Sagittarius friends, make sure to check back next month!


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