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Your Gift Guide for Sagittarius

Winter is coming and it’s time to stoke the fire because Sagittarians have entered the chat. Sagittarius signs burn bright with their optimism and generous spirit. Tap into your inner Sagittarius to find the perfect gift for your Sagittarius friends.

Feeling bolder than usual this month? Must be the season of Sagittarius! This fiery sign is never shy about letting you know just how much they appreciate you, so give your Sagittarius friends the same love by picking out the perfect gift to celebrate them.


Sagittarians are known for their optimistic, straightforward and fearless approach to life. With this attitude, they're well-equipped to continue making big moves across the board toward their dream goals, little by little. As 2022 comes to an end, Sagittarians should also take time to recharge their social lives with loved ones. They're sure to face the new year with confidence.

Make a Statement with Earrings!


A little extra shine never hurts when it comes to jewelry! These stud earrings represent the constellation for Sagittarius — they'll spark up any outfit. Besides, Sagittarians naturally seek to explore the world around them, so why not gift your resident Sag with a glimpse of the stars?


Sagittarians are Optimistic

Sagittarians are known for their glass-half-full attitude and their cheery personality. Nothing keeps them down for long. This refreshing attitude attracts friends of all kinds— creatures included.

DECOLE concombre Cat and Rabbit Figurine




Bring your Sagittarius friends double the fortune and friendship with this DECOLE concombre Cat & Rabbit Figurine from our DECOLE Figurine Collection. You'll add a dash of cute to the room as while welcoming in the Year of the Rabbit.


Sagittarians are Spontaneous

Not one to shy away from a surprise, a Sagittarian is a free spirit. They live in the moment and welcome the unknown with excitement. Sagittarians find wonder in the big and small. 



Gift your Sagittarian friends with our limited 24 Days of SUKOSHI Advent Calendar for premium spontaneity. With very merry mystery built in, they'll discover and try something new every day.


Sagittarians are Outgoing

Sagittarians have a magnetizing energy that's hard to resist. It's why they've got friends for days. Usually the extrovert of the group, they somehow always seems to know everyone in the room.



Don't be fooled by a Sagittarian's zest for life — they're a deeply thoughtful sign. With all of those relationships to maintain, a bundle of warmth from our SUKOSHI Greeting Card Collection is an adorable and practical gift to give your Sagittarius friends. These greeting cards can also make for some eye-catching wall display. 


Sagittarians are Adventurous

Sagittarians were born with an innate wanderlust and curiosity about the world–traveling to new places is a must for them. They thrive off exploring new cultures and experiences. When adventure calls, they answer on the first ring.



A tote bag is always a good idea to bring along on all of these adventures for carrying essentials. But having a cute design makes it even better. This SUKOSHI Lazy Shiba Blob Tote Bag is sturdy, roomy, and can be folded up and tossed into a jacket pocket to keep it on hand for future use. 


Sagittarians Are Vivacious

It's no surprise Sagittarians love nothing more than fun! No matter the company or venue, as long as laughs are had, your Sagittarius friends will be satisfied. If spontaneity's around the corner, so is a Sag.



What’s more fun than adding a pop of glitter to your eye look for the next get-together? Your Sagittarius friends will appreciate how easy and convenient it is to serve some glam on nights out with our Glitter Eye Collection.


Sagittarians Are Playful

It's likely your Sagittarius friends will be the ones cracking up the entire group. Their natural sense of humour is rooted in their ability to live outside the box.



With such a light-hearted approach to the world, Sagittarians always appreciate receiving gifts that are a little more offbeat, like this Doraemon Face Series Earthen Pot! It's a funny and cute twist on a traditional cooking tool. This pot is a unique addition to anyone’s kitchenware collection — especially your resident Sagittarian.


Last, but not least: check back next month for the Capricorn gift guide!


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