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Your Gift Guide for Libra

It’s the season of the social butterfly–Libra season! Find the perfect gift to celebrate this friendly air sign with our specially curated gift guide.

The end of summer and start of fall always signals one thing–the start of Libra season! Get ready to celebrate the cozy beginnings of fall with a special gift for your Libra friends. Finding the perfect gift can be hard–trust us, we know–so we’ve compiled some gift inspo to help you out.


As easy-going and friendly as this air sign is, there’s one thing they won’t compromise on–their belief in upholding fairness for all. Naturally, this makes Libras well-suited for roles where diplomacy is a must, and this year they’ve got all the tools in their arsenal to help them land their dream jobs. With their sociable personalities and social events slowly coming back into the picture, Libras can also look forward to ending off the rest of 2022 with new opportunities to make lasting friendships with their unfailing charm.

Make a Statement with Earrings!


Add a touch of shine to your look with these sparkly Libra constellation earrings. These understated earrings have a unique design with some subtle Libra pride.


Libras are Social

Libras are natural-born charmers with a disposition for being extroverted and social creatures that aren’t afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere and anytime.



With all of that talking that Libras like to do, a good lip stain is a must to keep their lips looking perfect all day long! This AMUSE Chou Velvet lip tint will give lips a nice pop of colour while resisting fading from friction throughout the day.


Libras are Creative

Libra’s have a creative spark that usually manifests itself in an appreciation for the arts, and hobbies that tend to be on the artistic or crafty side.



Safe to say, a cute sticker set is always a welcome sight for Libras! This SPY x FAMILY© Sticker Set contains 2 sheets of adorable stickers from the hit anime, and the stickers are perfect for decorating just about anything you can think of.


Libras Are Diplomatic

One of Libra’s key traits is their tendency to stick to diplomacy and their belief that fairness makes the world a better place. They’re naturally caring individuals who’ve got a big heart.



Remind your Libra friends that as much as they like to look out and care for others, it’s also important to spend time taking care of themselves, too. This AXIS-Y Mask Now Glow Later Duo Set comes with two different types of mask packs, and they’re made with gentle ingredients for even the most sensitive of skin.


Libras are Problem-Solvers

With Libra’s penchant for fairness, it only makes sense that they’ve got a very logical side to them that definitely comes in handy whenever it comes to giving advice or solving problems.



Let your Libra friends flex their problem-solving natures with a good puzzle. This Chainsaw Man© Denji & Pochita Jigsaw Puzzle contains 208 pieces, just enough for a good challenge while still providing some relaxing entertainment to pass an afternoon or evening spent inside.


Libras Love Having Fun

It’s no surprise that this social butterfly sign enjoys letting loose every once in a while! They love a good get together and spending time being surrounded by their friends and family, or striking up new friendships with unfamiliar faces at parties.



A good blush will help them elevate their party look and highlight their lively personalities, and match that bright-eyed excitement. The CANMAKE Glow Fleur Cheeks blushes can be built up to look as subtle or as bold as desired, and they come in a pretty array of lustrous shades.


Check back next month for some gifting inspo for your Scorpio friends!


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