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Your Gift Guide for Leo

If you’ve been feeling that summer heat more than usual lately, it’s because it’s now officially Leo season! Leos are natural-born leaders and fiercely loyal friends—but you already knew that. Let them know that the feeling is mutual with a small token of appreciation.

This is your reminder to celebrate that one Leo friend of yours who’s always making sure you feel included, who’s got one of the biggest hearts that you know, and who is almost loyal to a fault. It’s no wonder that Leos naturally attract attention and are seen as an integral part of any friend group! Still, it couldn’t hurt to remind them of this by giving them the perfect gift for their birthday.


Leos are the quintessential fire sign—they tend to be warm-hearted, loyal, compassionate, and driven individuals. They’ve got an air of charisma about them that draws people in, and with the warm and friendly energy that they give off, people tend to feel at ease very quickly with Leos. This is one of the biggest strengths that Leos can build on to create new connections this year in both their personal and professional lives, especially as Leos are also natural leaders. In 2022, Leos should put their leadership skills to the test by using their can’t-fail confidence and go-getter mentality to emerge into the spotlight and to seize the opportunities that come their way, or to even create some opportunities of their own.

Make a Statement with Earrings!


Go casual or go glam with a versatile pair of sparkling Leo constellation studs. There’s no better time to shine than during Leo season, after all, and the perfect pair of earrings will definitely help elevate any look.


Leos are Dramatic

Leos are not shy when it comes to stepping into the spotlight. They 100% do not mind being the centre of attention, and with their dramatic personalities, they actually even thrive in situations where all eyes are on them.



This Shopzoki© Heji Hedgehog Night Light is the perfect little ambient light to add a bit of dramatic flair to their space with some soft mood lighting. It’s cute enough to fit any home decor theme, and the way you turn the light on and off by poking the hedgehog’s belly button is just too adorable!


Leos are Loyal

With the lion as the representative animal for this zodiac sign, it’s no surprise that Leos are known for their loyalty. They take pride in their ability to maintain relationships, even when life gets busy.



Give your Leo friends their own loyal companion with this Shopzoki© Cow Planter. This adorable planter is great for holding a new green friend that will keep them company at all times, and it looks great in just about any space.


Leos are Driven

Motivation. Ambition. Leos have no shortage of these two things, and it shows in their natural ability to be leaders, and their hands-on, work-hard-play-hard attitudes.



Leos have a competitive and driven spirit even when it comes to the little things—like this Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Tanoshii Donuts Kit. Leos are up for any challenge, and this DIY kit will keep them satisfied, entertained, and fuelled up on some delicious and sweet snacks.


Leos are Confident

Leos are know for their hallmark confidence. They’ve got enough confidence that it sometimes even rubs off on those who spend a lot of time with them! It’s no wonder that people love to be around Leos.



Leos can rock just about anything, because they’ve got that confidence to back them up. Gift them this Sanrio© Kuromi Hair Cap to keep their hair out of the way as they’re getting ready, and they’ll wear it with pride each time they prepare to face the day with a killer makeup look that complements the confidence that they feel inside.


Leos Have Big Hearts

Leos truly do wear their hearts on their sleeves. They exude warmth, and they’re always ready with a friendly smile. They seem to have mastered the art of making conversation with anyone—even complete strangers—and they’ve got a lot of love to give to everyone around them.



Naturally, Leos are generous individuals who love finding new ways to show their friends how they feel about them. Nothing fits the bill more than a homemade load of bread, especially when it’s shaped like a bear! The KAIJIRUSHI Bear-Shaped Bread Loaf Box is the perfect practical gift to give to a Leo, and we’re sure they’ll get a lot of use out of it.


Check back next month for our Virgo gift guide!


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