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Your Gift Guide for Aries

It’s no secret that fiery Aries can be hard to please. Now that we’ve entered Aries season, we’ve come up with this guide to help you find the perfect gift to impress.

Some say that Aries can be temperamental, but we like to say that they're just passionate. They’re often surrounded by an intense aura that can be intimidating at first, but once you spend some time getting past that exterior, you’ll find that signature sense of loyalty, honesty, and courageousness that marks all Aries. Aries is the friend who is always the first to show their support for you, and you know that they’ve got your back 100%. Show your appreciation for them by picking out just the right gift to celebrate Aries season.


With the element of fire backing their spirits, it's no wonder that Aries enjoy taking on new adventures and challenges. 2022 is the year to take that to the next level by using that natural drive and ambition to finally turn some dreams into a reality–maybe it’s time to start that side hustle that's been on the backburner, or maybe it's the perfect time to make that dream career change. Whatever 2022 happens to throw at us, we all know that Aries are experts at taking everything in stride, and that they’ll handle anything that comes their way with their usual confidence and optimism.

Make a Statement with Earrings!



Rep that Aries pride! With a delicate and understated design, these glimmering sterling silver earrings shine at just the right moments. A go-to accessory to match any outfit or mood.


Aries are Passionate

Aries are infamous for their fiery personalities, earning them the reputation of being a little hot-headed. In reality, Aries are just highly passionate people who sometimes have a tendency to let their emotions get away from them–though this is also what makes them some of the most fiercely loyal and supportive friends you’ll ever have!




Give feisty Aries an outlet to discover and tap into their chill side with this adorable Shopzoki Ebbo Frog Planter! Nothing is more meditative than the daily ritual of watering and taking care of plants, and this planter is sure to delight and brighten up any space with its unique and charming design.


Aries are Adventurous

You’ll never be bored around an Aries. Aries are risk-takers who have an endless enthusiasm for seeking out new thrills and adventures.




Naturally, Aries enjoy exploring new places, and having new experiences. This SUKOSHI Shiba Sushi Tote Bag is a stylish and functional accessory for keeping essential items on hand during that next great escapade, or even for simple outings around town to new local spots.


Aries are Competitive

No one enjoys a good challenge more than Aries! With that innate adventurous streak running through their veins, Aries are always ready to face anything that comes their way head-on.




For the go-getting Aries, a puzzle is the perfect way to slow down and unwind in the evenings after a long day of work, while satisfying that ever-present urge to take on and complete new challenges. This Attack on Titan© Ocean Feel Jigsaw Puzzle features a scenic seaside illustration for some extra relaxing vibes.


Aries are Ambitious

Going hand in hand with their competitive spirits, Aries often tend to be deeply ambitious people with a scary ability to concentrate on achieving their goals with a single-minded focus. They’ve got big dreams, and an unwavering desire to go after what they want.



Help them keep track of all those lofty goals with this Kinbor Silly Tiger Weekly Planner! This planner contains a highly customizable grid pattern that’s also perfect for use as a daily diary, or as a journal for jotting down and manifesting new ideas.


Aries are Confident

Aries are often envied for their unshakeable natures–nothing much seems to phase them, and they often channel that self-assured, self-confident aura to become the life of any party!



Aries are definitely not afraid to stun and stand out with some eye-catching makeup looks. This rom&nd Better Than Palette contains a myriad of shimmering glitters and stunning pinks to instantly elevate any eye look with a dreamy, dazzling glow.


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