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SUKOSHI’s Mini Guide to Gratitude

Discover new ways to enrich your life with more gratitude with our care package. Download 3 FREE wallpapers and a Spotify playlist.

Get Your Dose of Gratitude!

It’s often said “it's not joy that makes us grateful, it's gratitude that makes us joyful.” With November being National Gratitude Month, we’ve crafted your very own SUKOSHI digital gratitude care package. 

Download 3 FREE wallpapers created exclusively by one of our in-house designers, Lea,  and make yourself at home with our November Spotify playlist. Made with love, we hope you find comfort in our art and songs. 

Grab a cup of tea and scroll on for your digital gratitude gift pack. With luck, we’ll learn how to find new ways to extend gratitude to each other — and ourselves.

Stay Intentional With Our Gratitude Wallpapers

Gratitude exists beyond Thanksgiving. It’s a lifestyle. Take gratitude on the go with our free phone, desktop, and Zoom wallpapers. They’re friendly reminders to keep appreciating the little things, which is what SUKOSHI is all about. 

Inspired by the likes of Cardcaptor Sakura, our wallpapers reveal the healing power of appreciation. When we say “thank you,” we acknowledge someone’s actions and encourage them. Practicing gratitude can feel intimidating at first, but a dash of it can infuse our lives with magical girl joy. 



Download your 3 free wallpapers above and invoke serenity.

Follow Lea on Instagram @leascno for more art that sparks wonder.

Get Inspired With Our November Spotify Playlist

Let’s talk specifics. How can we bring more gratitude into our daily routines? Throw on our November playlist for some motivation as you consider the following options:
  • Start a gratitude journal. Keep things simple and concise by listing three things you’re grateful for every day. Shop our notebooks and let your heart flow freely on the page!
  • Be gentle with your skin. With waning sunlight and dry air, it’s easy to leave our self-care last. Consistent winter skincare is one way to express gratitude to yourself.
  • Write thank you notes. (You can never go wrong with the classics.) Browse our greeting cards and let someone know you appreciate them this month. 
  • Cook someone a meal. Food is a love language Asian cultures are fluent in. Why not make your friends or family a cozy bowl of ramen?


However you decide to show it, there are plenty of ways to say thank you. We hope gratitude keeps your November warm and joyful. 


With love,



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