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Happy Valentine's Day from SUKOSHI!

Peep this post for Valentine’s Day freebies from yours truly! Download an adorable wallpaper and save a snug playlist you can send to your crush.

Wishing You a Comfy V-Day!

Contrary to Hallmark movies, Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to romance. It’s a day to celebrate love in any or all of its forms — and a field day for chocolates and heart emojis everywhere.

With that in mind, brace yourself for some sap and scroll on for your V-Day gift!

Get Soft and Sweet as a Shiba

This year, let’s challenge ourselves to be as soft as a shiba. After all, it’s a truth universally acknowledged (at least here at SUKOSHI) that shibe are fluffy bundles of joy. Mix them with candy and you’ll probably collapse and need dental assistance from all the sweetness.

A preview image of SUKOSHI's Valentine's wallpaper across devices.

As a token of our love, our in-house designer Janet Cho whipped up a box of the cutest shibe just for you. Download these adorable FREE wallpapers to keep the chonky sugar in your daily routine and to remember there’s beauty in being floofy with our feelings.

Everyone Needs a Cute Soundtrack


Save our playlist to match your romance arc or self-care routine. Celebrating V-Day with your besties? Pop this playlist on while chatting, snacking, or doing all of the above in face masks. If you’re feeling particularly bold, we dare you to send this link with no context to your crush.

Regardless of what you choose to do on this holiday, this is your friendly reminder that not every date has to be a cultural (or financial) reset. Don’t get us wrong, splurging can be fun and it’s important to spoil our loved ones from time to time. 

But if you’re looking for some cozy but easy inspo for Valentine's, consider the following as our last lil’ gifts for you. Below is a brief list of whimsical date ideas for your S.O., friends, and even yourself.


  • Chat over some crafts. Grab some chalk, paint, or pencil crayons and doodle away. It’s a fun way to practice mindfulness and, if you’re with your S.O. or friend, it’s a silly but lighthearted way to catch up. 
  • Build a blanket fort. Throw up your fave blankets and snuggle with your plushies, friends, or crush while binging your comfort anime. We won’t judge you if it’s Chainsaw Man. Plus, you can inhale snacks to your heart’s content in a safe space.
  • Dole out Valentines. Throw it back to leaving a smol Valentine card at your classmates’ desks by using charming stationery to offer words of affirmation to yourself, friends, or partner. (Or print and cut out your fave memes.)
  • Bake some treats. Satisfy your sweet tooth by making love notes you can bite into. Stuff them with strawberry jam, marmalade, or whatever filling you desire (concept: peach mango love notes).


Feel free to share with us more ways to stay soft and cozy this winter. Once again, we hope you have a safe, snug, and happy Valentine’s Day!




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