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A Comparison Guide to rom&nd's Glossy Lip Tints

Struggling to choose between rom&nd’s popular lip tint lines? We’ve compiled this comparison guide to help make your decision a little easier.


Founded in collaboration with Saerom Min, a popular Korean beauty influencer who also goes by the moniker Gaeko, rom&nd is a K-beauty makeup brand that first went viral for their mesmerizing colour palettes and dreamy finishes. They have since built up a reputation for creating affordable and high quality makeup products that encapsulate modern K-beauty trends with irresistible formulations and a range of captivating shades.


Lip tints are a type of liquid lip product that stains the lips with colour to achieve a longer lasting wear. They are normally more sheer than regular lipsticks, making them perfect for creating those trademark K-beauty gradient lip looks. They’re popular for their buildable colour, ease of application, and slightly more subtle and natural look.


rom&nd Glasting Water Tint

Our pick for cool tones:

  • #07 Pink Valley
Our pick for warm tones:
  • #03 Brick River


If you’re all about that shine, the Glasting Water Tint is a must-try! With 8 shades in their permanent collection and counting, this lip line applies and looks the closest to a traditional lip gloss, with less of the stickiness. It features a more lightweight texture that is comfortable to wear all day long, and easy to reapply.

The Glasting Water Tint combines the best of both worlds when it comes to lip tints and lip glosses–the pigment provides a nice colour payoff and stains the lips for longer lasting wear, while a glossy barrier forms over top of this to keep the colour transfer minimal when eating or drinking. This unique effect is similar to applying a clear gloss over a lip colour for that high-shine wet look, reminiscent of beads of water. This formula also provides some nice hydration to keep the lips feeling plump and soft underneath.

From time to time, rom&nd also releases special editions of this lip line–check out the Glasting Water Tint Hanbok Collection! This collection takes inspiration from the sheen and harmonious lines of traditional Korean Hanbok to bring you four mood-evoking shades in a cute pastel package.


Tip: This tint evolves on the lips–wait a few moments after applying this product to see the full effects of this high-shine gloss at work! Make sure you give this product enough time to shine before applying additional layers to prevent the colour from becoming more intense than desired.


rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint

Our pick for cool tones:

  • #09 Litchi Coral

Our pick for warm tones:

  • #08 Apple Brown


With a whopping 16+ shades across all of their collections under this line, the Juicy Lasting Tint combines high pigmentation and vibrant colours with a creamy consistency and a dewy finish. This is a classic, no-frills lip tint with a high staining power for extra-long wear, and a sleek and glossy finish.

This line provides the most opaque coverage upon the first application, but it still retains that signature translucence and blendability that lets you build up the layers gradually to fine-tune the amount of coverage or pigmentation that is perfect for you, especially if you’re going for that gradient lip look. The thicker, creamier consistency of this lip tint makes it a good pick for all-day wear, as the product sits comfortably on the lips to keep them moist and “juicy”.

The colours in this line tend to be more bold and bright compared to the Glasting Water Tint and the Dewyful Water Tint—while there are still an abundance of MLBB shades to be found, you’ll also find some more fun shades like bright corals and oranges, and hot pinks. Keep an eye out for seasonal releases–rom&nd often introduces new colours and series throughout the year, like the Juicy Lasting Tint: Summer Light Series!


Tip: Similar to the Glasting Water Tint, the glossy finish of this product is less intense when first applied—but after just a few moments, you’ll be able to see the full effects of this shiny finish!


rom&nd Dewyful Water Tint

Our pick for cool tones:

  • #06 Thulian

Our pick for warm tones:

  • #02 Salty Peach


The Dewyful Water Tint is the latest addition to rom&nd’s catalogue of glossy lip tints, and it’s best described as a mix of the Glasting Water Tint and Juicy Water Tint. It currently comes in 8 shades, ranging from soft corals, to deep reds, to vivid pinks.

This line of lip tints has a very sheer stain—perfect for those who like to rotate between lip colours often, and who want more of a bare base to work with each time. You’ll find that the finish of this lip tint stays bright and dewy, even through the friction of rubbing your lips together, so you won’t have to worry about reapplying this product often to achieve the effect that you’re going for. The finish of this lip tint provides a dewy, moist glow that is radiant rather than shiny, with a more satin and lustrous sheen.

With an ultra-lightweight texture and thinner consistency, this lip tint line has a barely-there feel on the lips that makes it the top choice for all-day comfortable wear. It’s easy and quick to reapply on-the-go to keep your lips gleaming all day long.


Tip: Those who favour sharp lines and clear edges with their lip looks will appreciate the Dewyful Water Tint’s unique, flexible applicator that contours to the lips for a precise application.


If you want that wet, high-shine effect and the glossiest finish possible: get the Glasting Water Tint.

If you’re looking for vivid colours, high colour payoff, and a long lasting stain: get the Juicy Lasting Tint.

If all-day comfort, lightweight wear, and a more natural dewy finish are what you’re after: get the Dewyful Water Tint.


For even more lip tints, check out our complete line-up of rom&nd beauty for seasonal colour drops, and find inspiration to complete your look with enchanting blushes and eyeshadows.


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