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Miffy Vanilla Matcha Sandwich Cookies – A Galentine's Day Treat

Spread the warm fuzzy feeling this Valentine’s Day by baking these adorable cookies based on our favourite comfort character, Miffy!

When it comes to baked goods, there’s nothing quite like a batch of homemade cookies made with love. Chances are, the thought of fresh homemade cookies gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. (We know it does for us!)

Miffy Matcha Vanilla Cookies

This Valentine’s Day, why not skip the store-bought chocolates and bake up a fresh tray of equally delicious and adorable sandwich cookies? These matcha-filled sandwich cookies are super easy to make and will level up your Valentine's Day treats. Inspired by our Valentine's Day new arrivals, these charming Miffy-themed cookies are bound to give you (or your Galentine) the warm fuzzies this February.

Miffy Matcha Vanilla Cookies

Tools You Will Need

  • Bunny-Shaped Cookie Cutter → This is essential for the Miffy look, but any cookie cutter will do! 
  • Bowls (Assorted Sizes) 
  • Whisk  
  • Baking Spatula 
  • Rolling Pin
  • Parchment Paper
  • Baking Sheet

What if I can’t find a bunny-shaped cookie cutter?

No worries! You can still recreate Miffy’s adorable face by printing out a template online and carving out the shape with a knife.

Let's Make Miffy Vanilla Matcha Cookies!


For the Cookies

  • ½ Cup Unsalted Butter (Softened & Cubed)
  • 1 Cup Icing Sugar (Sifted)
  • ½ Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Egg (Whisked)
  • 1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Cups Cake Flour (Sifted)
  • ¾ Cups Almond Flour
  • 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch

For the Filling

  • 3 Tablespoon Cream Cheese
  • 2 Tablespoon Unsalted Butter (Softened & Cubed)
  • 4 Tablespoon Icing Sugar
  • ½ Teaspoon Tsujiri Matcha Powder 

Optional (For the Face Features) 

  • Cup Melted Dark Chocolate


To Make the Cookies

  1. In a bowl, whisk unsalted butter until smooth and no chunks remain.
  2. Add salt and icing sugar to the butter mixture. Whisk together until well combined.
  3. Add whisked egg in 3 parts. Once the egg is well incorporated, add in vanilla extract. Mix until combined.
  4. Sift in cake flour, almond flour, and cornstarch. Using a baking spatula, gently fold in ingredients until just combined. Do not overmix. 
  5. Using a rolling pin, roll out the cookie dough onto a sheet of parchment paper. For this recipe, the dough is roughly 33mm thick.
  6. Cover the cookie dough with another sheet of parchment paper and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. The colder the dough is, the easier it will be to cut out. 
  7. Once dough is chilled, cut out bunny shapes with cookie cutters. Do not transfer to the baking sheet just yet. Cover rolled out dough with parchment paper and let it refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. This will make it easier to transfer the cookies onto the baking sheet.
  8. While the cookies are chilling, preheat the oven to 325ºF (163ºC). Bake for 9-10 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. 
  9. Let the cookies cool completely before adding filling and finishing touches.

To Make the Filling

  1. In a bowl, combine cream cheese and cubed butter. Mix until well combined. 
  2. Add in icing sugar and mix until well combined.
  3. Sift in Tsujiri Premium Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix and mix until well combined.
  4. Transfer filling to piping bag.


  1. On the back of one Miffy cookie, pipe the desired amount of filling.
  2. Gently sandwich matcha filling with another Miffy cookie.
  3. Using melted dark chocolate, add in Miffy's eyes and mouth to the top part of the cookie sandwich. Let chocolate cool completely.
  4. Serve & enjoy!


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  • Sukoshi Mart

    Hello Caylie, we used bake mode on a regular oven this time. This recipe let us made 10 cookie sandwiches, depending on how big your cookie cutter is :)

  • caylie

    hi! sorry to bother, but i have a few questions
    - did u use a convection oven and if so, did u use the top heating or both top and bottom?
    - how many cookies does this make?

  • caylie

    how many cookies does this make? :)