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Lunar New Year of The Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year! Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with this guide (plus a freebie!). We wish you great fortune ahead.

From January 22 to February 5, it’s red pocket hours for a lot of us as we welcome in the Lunar New Year. And as the year of the tiger is coming to a close, SUKOSHI is ready for you rabbits to hop into the spotlight!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Download a FREE wallpaper featuring rabbit-ready shibe designed by in-house designer Lea Clarin and get some inspo for the season below.

The Year of Rabbit-core

Fun fact: Rabbits are the luckiest of the Chinese zodiac signs. That said, a Rabbit isn’t one to brag about their fortune. Rabbit signs tend to seek out peace and find beauty in every aspect of life, especially the ordinary.

Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are often:

  • Gentle
  • Patient
  • Quick on their feet (and paws!)
  • Creative

It’s no wonder even SUKOSHI shibe are getting into Rabbit-core for the season. Our in-house designer Lea Clarin’s blessed us with an iconic combo: shiba meets bunny. Summon all the luck and cuteness you can with your free Lunar New Year wallpaper!

Test Your Luck With SUKOSHI Red Pockets

Red pockets (or hóngbāo) are handed to loved ones as a way to wish them well for the Lunar New Year. While the cash inside is always a plus, the envelope’s colour is most special. After all, red represents good fortune.

With every purchase during Lunar New Year, you’ll get your own SUKOSHI Lucky Red Pocket, which comes with a special promo code.You can win up to $100 on our website, app and in-store! 

Want even more luck in your life? There are plenty of lucky symbols across Asia. This is by no means a full list, but here’s a primer for East Asian good luck charms.

A Mini Intro to Lunar New Year Good Luck Charms

Wish Upon A Daruma

Japanese Daruma dolls pay homage to the Bodhidharma, founder monk of Zen Buddhism. Many make wishes with them and their wholesome, round shape helps them bounce back from any fall. 

Traditionally, having a Daruma alone wouldn’t grant your wishes. (It’s giving effort. Literally.) You would fill one of their eyes in (usually left) to make a pact. Once your wish was granted, you would fill in the second eye and bring the Daruma to a temple to free its spirit.

This year, ring in the new season with a Daruma doll to infuse more luck and serenity in your room.

Get Genshin Impact© Omamori

Omamori are Japanese amulets bought at Shinto or Buddhist temple shrines. Talismans are tucked away in gorgeous brocade bags with miniature prayers. But beware: if you open them, they lose their power and you lose your protection. So, uh, our professional advice is not to do that!

Typically, omamori have different offerings, like success, wealth, educational prosperity, and love. Pair these offerings with a bit of Teyvat magic. Gift Genshin Impact© Omamori to your resident Traveler!

Snuggle Up with Sanrio© Rabbit Icons

In Chinese tradition, white rabbits were not just symbols of extremely good luck, but of fertility and longevity. With long hind legs to escape trouble, they encourage growth and resourcefulness.

Let rabbit icons Kuromi and My Melody bring you lots of cuddly luck. Whether you're Team Kuromi, My Melody, or both (both is always good, right?), all signs point to grabbing more Sanrio© rabbit plushies this year ...

Befriend A Lucky Cat or Rabbit Figurine

You've likely encountered a lucky cat and their endearing waves before. The maneki neko (translation: “beckoning cat”) tends to wave from the windows of shops and restaurants to invite happiness and success. Meanwhile, rabbits let luck burrow into your space.

Get soft on a lucky cat or rabbit figurine and let the lucky charm choose you.

Get the Luck of the Lip

If fortune favours the brave, there’s no better time to put on a classic red lip.

For a rich but subtle shade of red, try rom&nd’s Glasting Water Tint in #04 Vintage Ocean. With a smooth texture, applying this will feel auspicious in itself.

No matter how you choose to manifest good luck, we hope you have a happy, cozy, and ever prosperous Lunar New Year!




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