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Ingredient Spotlight: Snail Mucin

If you haven't tried snail mucin skincare, this is THE train to jump on.

As K-beauty and skincare rise in popularity, we’re constantly being introduced to more unique and innovative ingredients.

One ingredient that we’re sure you’ve heard of and may even be usingis the famous snail mucin. In today’s ingredient spotlight, we’ll give you the scoop on this unusual skincare ingredient.  

What is Snail Mucin?

Put simply, snail mucin is snail slime. You’ll also see it being referred to as snail secretion filtrate or SSF on the ingredient list. What gives snail mucin its magic?  This seemingly simple watery goo actually contains a myriad of complex and skin-loving substances such as:

  • Healing growth factors
  • Glucosaminoglycans (GAGs)
  • Beneficial minerals
  • Allantoin
  • Naturally occurring hyaluronic Acid

Where does snail mucin originate from?

Snail Mucin actually dates back to Ancient Greece and not South Korea. At that time, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, would gather crushed-up snails for their secretion to treat skin inflammation. But the beautifying benefits of snail mucin wouldn’t be realized until the 1980s when Chilean snail farmers found that handling snails gave them softer hands and healed their cuts faster.

Is snail mucin cruelty-free?

Although snail mucin is collected in a controlled manufacturing environment, the snails actually live comfortably and free.

Unlike traditional harvesting methods that were not so friendly, these manufacturing companies have developed cruelty-free collecting methods. Besides allowing the snails to grow in a comfortable environment to optimize their mucin production, the collection process is designed to minimize external stress.

For Korean brand COSRX, the company described that their process includes placing the snails on a mesh net in a dark and undisturbed room. After 30 minutes of roaming around, the snails are transferred back to their comfortable habitat to rest and regain energy.

Snail Mucin Fast Facts

Main benefits:

Strong humectant, promotes wound healing, soothes irritations, stimulates skin regeneration

Which skin type should use it:

Suitable for all skin types. However, with its powerful hydration properties, it is usually preferred by those who experience dryness.

How often can you use it:

Snail Mucin does not react to any environmental factors, so depending on your preference, it can be used day or night.

Works well with:

This ingredient mainly hydrates and nourishes, so it can be combined with any antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. Snail mucin is also irritant-free (unless you are specifically allergic to it) and is often combined with retinol, vitamin C and glycolic acid.


This cream is an amazing skin healer, containing a blend of snail mucin and bee venom to not just deeply hydrate but also to provide antibacterial effects and reduce inflammation. The ‘steam’ cream is created with new technology that blends it at a high temperature for increased effectiveness.

This combination of ginseng and snail mucin is a game-changer for those seeking an anti-ageing solution. While snail mucin helps generate new skin cells and promotes collagen production, ginseng goes in and targets elasticity.

Made with an impressive 96% snail secretion filtrate, this essence can keep your skin moisturized and nourished all day. Those with dry skin rave about this being their holy grail. The COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and the COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream are our best-selling duo during the winter season.

This Black Snail Restore Cream from iUNIK is the go-to for those who want a blemish healing solution along with a brightening effect. With the addition of Centella Asiatica, licorice root extract, and adenosine, this cream is both moisturizing and soothing when applied.


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