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Asian Heritage Month at SUKOSHI

For the month of May, we’re donating 10% of proceeds from our top-sellers collection. Read more about the non-profits we chose and join the cause! 

Happy Month of May!

This month marks Asian Heritage Month – a month where we celebrate the endless achievements, contributions, and vibrant culture of the Asian community in Canada (but also around the world)! At SUKOSHI, we’re incredibly proud to be Asian-owned and have a diverse staff, many of whom are of Asian heritage.

Asian Heritage Month is also a time for us to reflect on the racial and xenophobic issues surrounding the Asian community here in Canada. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately caused a rise in racism directed at the Asian community. This month is a crucial reminder that we must support the Asian community and stand up for what is right.

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, we’re donating 10% of proceeds from our Bestseller Collection to three local organizations that support Asian communities within the Greater Toronto Area.
These organizations are:

Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS)

The Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) is a charitable, non-profit, community-based organization from Toronto. ACAS has provided sexual health services to the local Asian community for the past 25 years. Their goal is to provide safer sex education to persons living with HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ+, and East and Southeast Asian communities.

Chinese Cultural Association of Toronto 

The Chinese Cultural Association of Toronto is a Canadian Registered Charity that seeks to enhance the quality of life for the Asian community through music and art festivals. For over 10 years, this organization has serviced the Chinese-Canadian arts community of Toronto.

Canadian South Asian Growth & Support Services (CSAGSS) 

The Canadian South Asian Growth & Support Services is a charitable non-profit organization in Scarborough, Ontario. The CSAGSS contributes to the community by providing various services for food security, community development, and health & wellness. Since 2013, this organization has overseen 1100 activities and 46 projects for the local community.

I'd like to do more, how can I help?

Like all cultures, Asian-Canadian heritage is a diverse and ever-changing concept that encompasses over 30 countries across Asia. Asian culture has various meanings to different generations and communities. If you’re interested in celebrating Asian Heritage Month and show further love & support, here are a few suggestions:

Donate to Organizations that Support Asian Communities

There are several organizations that support Asian communities. Other than the organizations listed above, here are some other organizations and resources to consider:

Shop at Asian-Owned Businesses

Before purchasing from a popular chain or franchise, consider local Asian-owned or BIPOC alternatives. You can also shop at Asian grocery stores and retailers when possible.

Learn About the Asian Diaspora

To better understand the Asian diaspora and experience in Canada, it’s important to educate yourself through reliable articles and personal experiences from the Asian-Canadian community. It is important to recognize that Asian-Canadian culture is part of Canadian history and should not only be celebrated during this month but integrated throughout the year.

We're not Alone in This Fight. 

This past year has been difficult to say the least for other BIPOC communities. So for the month of May, we encourage you to reach out and connect with local organizations supporting various BIPOC causes. 

Here are some resources for your convenience:


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