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DIY No-Churn Royal Milk Tea Ice Cream

Replace your scoop of basic vanilla ice cream for a bowl of delicious royal milk tea ice cream!

This 4-ingredient no-churn recipe is a quick and effortless way to make creamy ice cream with a twist. Best of all? No ice cream machine is required!

What Does No-Churn Mean?

Traditional homemade dairy ice cream is usually made by cooking some form of egg-based custard. The custard-based is added to an ice cream machine and mixes (churns) the ice cream until frozen to a creamy consistency.

While this method produces a batch of authentic ice cream, the churning process can be lengthy and tedious – especially if you decide to do it by hand!

No-churn ice cream is perfect for those who may not have access to an ice cream maker or those who want ready-to-eat ice cream in just a few hours.


Ice Cream Base:

  • Heavy Whipping Cream ⟶ This is the primary ingredient of this recipe. For a thicker, creamier bowl of ice cream, it’s best to get whipping cream that is 35% MF.
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk ⟶ This ingredient is the custard substitute and essential for thickening the ice cream base. It also adds the sweetness you’d expect from a tasty bowl of ice cream.
  • Unsalted Butter ⟶ This adds extra richness to the ice cream.

Royal Milk Tea

Nitto Royal Milk Tea is premium milk tea made from Japan-grown kocha black tea and gentle milk from Hokkaido. These teas come as instant powders in convenient, individual packets.

Tea Ice Cream with a Twist

While you can’t go wrong with the classic royal milk tea flavour, you can easily shake things up by using various types of instant tea powders from Sukoshi Mart! Just follow the recipe above and substitute the tea packet with another instant tea flavour. Here are few suggestions that we absolutely loved:

  • Strawberry Milk Tea Ice Cream using Nitto Strawberry Royal Milk Tea

    The sweet strawberry milk and black tea pair harmoniously with the creaminess of the ice cream base. Try this combination if you’re looking for a hint of fruity flavour.

  • Peach Milk Tea Ice Cream using Nitto Peach Royal Milk Tea

    White peaches acquired from central Japan’s Yamanashi give this cold treat a peachy twist. It’s the perfect treat for cooling off in the summer months.

  • Matcha Ice Cream using Nitto Matcha Au Lait

    This combination is perfect for green tea lovers! Nitto Matcha Au Lait is made with 100% real Uji Matcha and rich in authentic flavour with moderate sweetness. This combination is a matcha made in heaven for those who don’t like desserts that are too sweet.

  • Hojicha Ice Cream using Nitto Hojicha Au Lait

    If you’re looking for a tea ice cream that’s rich, creamy, and not overly sweet – Hojicha Au Lait is exactly what you’re looking for. The deep reddish-brown colour of Nitto Hojicha au lait is made with Karigane Hojicha. There’s a hint of sweetness while the milk powders bring out the richness of the tea and ice cream!

  • Boba Milk Tea Ice Cream using Nitto Okinawa Brown Sugar Royal Milk Tea

    Get your boba milk tea fix but in ice cream form! This brown sugar royal milk tea is made with red bean milk tea and brown sugar from Okinawa, Japan. The tea powder has an inviting aroma and deep, gentle taste giving you a delicious at-home bubble tea experience.

Tools You Will Need

  • Stand Mixer with Whisk Attachment ⟶ This is essential for whipping the heavy cream. A hand mixer with whisk attachment can also be used.
  • Freezer-Safe Mixing Bowls ⟶ When freezing the ice cream mixture overnight, it’s important to use a bowl/container that is freezer safe.
  • Baking Spatula ⟶ When combining the ice cream mixture, a baking spatula helps you gently fold them together which creates a softer, smoother ice cream texture.
  • Saran Wrap ⟶ When preparing the ice cream mixture for the freezer, saran wrap is used to prevent freezer burn.

Helpful Tips:

  • A good indicator that the whipping cream is whipped enough is when it is thick in texture and has stiff peaks. 
  • When combining the condensed milk and whipped cream, gently fold them until just combined. This ensures that the whipped cream does not deflate too much which creates a lighter and fluffier ice cream texture.

Recipe: No-Churn Royal Milk Tea Ice Cream


  • 1 cup cold heavy whipping cream
  • 7 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter (melted)
  • 2 packets of Nitto Royal Milk Tea


  1. Using a stand mixer, whip cold heavy whipping cream with a whisk attachment until it becomes thick. Set aside.
  2. In a medium-sized bowl, add 7 oz of sweetened condensed milk and 2 tbsp of melted butter.
  3. Add 2 packets of Nitto Royal Milk Tea to the condensed milk mixture. Mix until well combined.
  4. Gently fold whipped cream into the condensed milk mixture. Fold until just combined.
  5. With saran wrap, cover the bowl all the way down to the mixture and freeze overnight.
  6. Serve and enjoy!


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