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Happy Asian Heritage Month! Love, SUKOSHI

To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’re gifting you FREE wallpapers! Plus, 10% of our Bestsellers' proceeds will go to 2 AAPI non-profits.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and it’s a time for our community to reflect on, learn from, and celebrate our cultures. SUKOSHI MART is proudly AAPI and women-owned, so we’re definitely excited to join in the month’s festivities!


Celebrate Asian Heritage with SUKOSHI Made Wallpapers

This year, our in-house designers created a series of adorable wallpapers for you to celebrate Asian heritage all year-round. Scroll on to download your next fave art piece or save them all! You can also collect physical post cards with these exclusive designs on all purchases.


Reminisce on Summer Days by the Sari-Sari 

SUKOSHI MART Asian Heritage Month Postcard Featuring: “Childhood hangout spots” by mmaridesign on Instagram. It features a Filipino Sari Sari store scene and a shiba merchant

Based in Vancouver, graphic designer and illustrator Maria Fernandez grew up in both Canada and the Philippines. Her illustration calls back to days spent by her aunt’s sari-sari (variety) store, where she and her friends would play games like taksi and tintin baka, drinking cola in a plastic bag to stay cool after school.


Get Quali-tea Time With Loved Ones

Janet Cho is a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Toronto. Her illustration reflects fond memories of spending time with her family and friends going out for yum cha. Meaning “drinking tea” in Cantonese, yum cha is a cherished tradition bringing families together to enjoy delicious dim sum and tea. It's a special time for families to gather, connect, and create cherished memories over scrumptious cuisine.


Throw Nostalgia in the Halo-Halo Mix

Cloie Vistan is a Filipino creative based in Toronto who’s got a weakness for ice cream and cold treats. Inspired by fond memories of her childhood, this illustration depicts halo-halo, a refreshing summertime staple that’s reminiscent of her Filipino heritage.


Here's to More Karaoke Parties

Busting out the karaoke machine during gatherings was an integral part of growing up in a Filipino household. The Pinoy singing gene might've skipped Lea Clarin but her love for belting out jams with friends remains strong in her twenties.


Making Starry Wishes

“Starry Wishes” is inspired by the unforgettable atmosphere in Makoto Shinkai's Your Name. set to a stellar OST by RADWIMPS, one of Clarin’s all-time favourite bands. She wanted to capture the feeling of earnestly putting out a wish into the universe under a clear, star-filled summer night sky. 

Lea Clarin is a Filipino-Canadian graphic designer and illustrator. She enjoys putting together a hearty hot pot and is currently in the process of raising an army of Sonny Angel babies.


Comfort Food Tastes Better with Your Comfort Circle

Based in Toronto, Stefana Zdrincu is an artist who loves eating out with friends at Asian restaurants. Her art reflects how there’s nothing quite so cozy and fun as sharing food among loved ones. A foodie through and through, she enjoys the vibe, variety in flavours, and sharing of cultures. Not to mention, it's always fun to discover hidden gems in the city.


Let Our Lucky Shibe Bring You Fortune

Often inspired by her hometown, Hong Kong, Cheryl Tong explores themes of nostalgia and culture in her work. She is a Chinese-Canadian designer based in Toronto. “Lucky Shibe” is a rendition of a maneki neko (lucky cat) as a shiba, our official SUKOSHI MART mascot. The maneki neko, originating from Japan, is a popular symbol for Asian communities everywhere. May this lucky shibe bring you good luck and fortune!



SUKOSHI Gives Back

In addition to our wallpapers, we’ll be donating 10% of our proceeds from our Bestsellers collection to 2 AAPI non-profit organizations. It's our way of giving back to our community, and we hope you'll join us!


project 1907

Based in Vancouver, project 1907 is a grassroots group led by Asian women who work to elevate underrepresented Asian voices in mainstream spaces. You can read more about their projects on their website.



Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Reel Asian Film Festival works to celebrate contemporary Asian cinema. This includes films and videos by Asian-identifying artists in Canada, the U.S., Asia and across the diaspora. They offer grants, workshops, and more. Learn about Reel Asian online.



We're looking forward to celebrating our heritage this May and hope to share more Asian joy in the coming weeks!


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