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Miche Bloomin' Eyelash Tweezers


Specifically designed for false lashes, this tweezer will help you craft an effortless, natural look.

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  • Thin and fine tip for unobstructed vision during application.
  • Easily adheres delicate and hard-to-handle lashes, such as lower eyelashes, pointy eyelashes, and ultra-fine eyelashes.

Product of Japan.

Exercise caution with the tip to avoid injuring your eyes or skin. Only use the tweezers for attaching false eyelashes, removing glue (false eyelash adhesive) from false eyelashes, and taking them out of the tray. Remember to wipe them clean after each use. Keep them out of reach of children.

For external use only. Always patch test. Discontinue use if you feel any discomfort. Follow additional instructions on packaging. Individual results may vary.