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COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch (18 Patches)


These ultra-thin acne patches conceals the skin, acting as a protective barrier from outside elements. Perfect for daytime use, these patches have a transparent matte finish that are near invisible even under makeup.

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  • This product is artificial fragrance-free.

Skin Solutions:

  • Liquid parrafin helps draw excess oil from clogged pores.
  • High-grade hydrocolloid dressing material acts as protection from external damage.

COSRX skincare products are clinically tested, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and alcohol-free.

18 patches (10mm). Product of Korea.

After cleansing and drying face, apply patch to problem areas; make sure to select large enough patch to cover problem spot. Continue with the rest of your skincare routine, avoiding patched areas. Replace patches as needed.

For external use only. Always patch test. Discontinue use if you feel any discomfort. Follow additional instructions on packaging. Individual results may vary.

Cellulose gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polysobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane.