October LINE FRIENDS Restock Sneak Peek

Your favourite BT21 & LINE FRIENDS products are getting restocked soon! Here's what you need to know about our latest restock.

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Restock Updates

LAST UPDATED: October 15, 2021

Thank you all for your support!

PLAY LINE FRIENDS Yorkdale restock will be available on Saturday, October 16 at opening.

SUKOSHIMART.COM restock is scheduled for Monday, October 18 at 5PM EDT. 

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Online vs Store Stock


As of August 30, Sukoshi Mart has brought select BT21 and LINE FRIENDS products on sukoshimart.com for Canadian and American customers. The online shop will feature select new products, seasonal items, and limited edition products.


The PLAY LINE FRIENDS store in Yorkdale will carry a wider selection of BT21 and LINE FRIENDS products such as new product lines, limited edition items, and seasonal products. Frequent restocks will be happening from now until the end of December – so be sure to drop by to stay updated on new item drops!

Click here for more information on the pop-up store at Yorkdale.  

Featured Products

BT21 x The Crème Shop Brilliant Skin – Hydrocolloid Acne Patches Infused with Zinc

Available at Yorkdale & Online

Sukoshi Mart The Crème Shop BT21 Brilliant Skin - Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

BT21 TATA Winter Theme Slim Stainless Steel Tumbler (15.5OZ)

Sukoshi Mart BT21 TATA Winter Tumbler

BT21 Jelly Candy Plush Hair Tie

Sukoshi Mart BT21 TATA COOKY & RJ Jelly Candy Doll Hair Tie

BT21 SHOOKY Cereal Bowl

Available Online

Sukoshi Mart BT21 SHOOKY Cereal Bowl

Is the product you're looking for sold out? Don't worry, it'll be back in stock soon. Frequent restocks will be happening from now until the end of December. Register your email on the product page of the sold out item to be notified when the product becomes available again. 

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