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YOPOKKI Sweet & Spicy Rice Cake

Tteokbokki or stir-fried rice cakes are a South Korean favourite. You can get this snack anywhere in Korea and it's a popular street vendor snack. Now you can enjoy sweet & spicy Korean rice cakes in an instant without going anywhere. Just follow the instructions to warm it up and enjoy! Its convenient packaging makes it easy to bring anywhere for an on-the-go meal that's warm and delicious. 


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Rice cake,tomato ketchup,purified water,sugar,chilli paste,high fructose,apple puree,onion,garlic,rice wine,chilli poeder,salt,chilli seed oil,lemon concentrate juice,potassium carbonate,oleoresin paprika,flavour enhancers,black pepper powder,xanthan gum. May contain additional ingredients.