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YOPOKKI Hot & Spicy Rice Cake

A popular South Korean street snack is now available at home. No airfare needed. Enjoy hot & spicy stir-fried rice cakes in an instant. Just follow the warm-up instructions and you'll have yourself a convenient tteokbokki snack that every South Korean enjoys. Take this as a meal on-the-go so you can enjoy it anywhere. 


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Rice cake - Rice, Refined salt, Citric acid, rectified alcohol Liquified sauce - white sugar, Maltodextrim, red pepper powder, glucose, Topokki sauce powder, processed vegetable protein, seasoning Soy sauce powder, chicken bouillon base, refined salt, tomato powder, corn starch, kelp extract, garlic powder, onion powder, whey powder, L-sodium glutamate, black pepper powder, oleoresin parroka, curry powder. May contain additional ingredients.