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YOPOKKI Cheese Rice Cake

Tteokbokki—often slathered in melty cheese, a common street snack sold by South Korean street food vendors is specialty rice cake dish. Although not off the streets of South Korea, YOPOKKI's instant version is just as good.

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Rice Cakes (rice, refined salt, acidity regulator, grain alcohol]/ Seasoning (cream soup (flour, milk cream powder, corn powder, dextrin, refined salt), whey powder, white sugar, milk cream mixture (starch syrup, whey powder, milk sugar, milk cream, coconut hardened oil), Cheddar Cheese powder (cheese powder, acidity regulator), red pepper powder, dried onion, L-monosodium glutamate, refined salt, chicken powder, seasoned soy sauce powder, dried carrot, dextrin, dried parsley, garlic powder, oleoresin paprika, synthetic flavor (cheddar cheese flavor)). Contains milk, soybean, wheat, and chicken. May contain additional ingredients.


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