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Tsujiri Hojicha Milk Chocolate Latte Mix

Tsujiri's Hojicha Milk Chocolate Latte is coming in hot! And just in time for the winter season. Savoury high-quality hojicha tea leaves are carefully crushed and blended with finely crushed chocolate and milk powder to create this delicious drink. You'll know what we mean when you add hot water to this aromatic blend. 

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Can only be shipped in Canada.

  • Limited time seasonal item 
  • Rich and umami flavours
  • Made with high-quality hojicha and chocolate

Tsujiri is known for its history of producing the finest and highest-grade green tea. Their methods and innovations are still used today. Love Tsuijiri tea? See the other products.


Sugar, dextrin, candy starch, vegetable oil, whey powder, ground hojicha, hojicha extract, chocolate, pH adjuster, calcium phosphate, emulsifier, fragrance, (partially contains dairy components and soybeans). May contain additional ingredients.