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Tohato Butter Soy Sauce Waffle-Shaped Potato Chips

Possibly the most unexpected flavour pairings ever, yet they work perfectly well together. Salty but rich with butter, these addictive flavours cover every corner of the waffle chips so that every bite has a bit of flavour. 

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Dried potatoes(Not genetically modified), vegetable oils, salt, lactose, Butter powder, Powdered soy sauce, Powdered fats and oils, Whey powder(Dairy products), sugar, Cheddar cheese powder, dextrin, Protein hydrolyzate, Cheese flavored powder, Spices, Yeast extract powder/ Modified starch, Trehalose, seasoning(Amino acids, etc.), Thickener(Curdlan), Calcium carbonate, Fragrance, sweetener(Sucralose), Antioxidant(Vitamin E), (partly milk component ・wheat, Including soybeans)


May contain additional ingredients.