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Smoko Pearl Boba Tea Toasty Plush

How can a cold bubble tea drink keep you warm? Try snuggling up with the Smoko Pearl Boba Tea Toasty Plush. Pop the the removable pouch into the microwave for a couple of seconds and Voila! You've got a cold boba tea drink that warms you up. 

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About the Brand: Smoko makes the ordinary a little more whimsical. Whether it's an accessory for the office or decor for the home, Smoko brings a little fun and quirkiness into everything they make.

How to Use: Remove the outer plush and place inner pouch in microwave for 60 seconds. Let sit for 30 seconds before putting the pouch back in the plush. 

Materials: Outer Plush made of polyester and cotton. Inner Pouch filled with flaxseed and scented with lavender. 

Dimensions: 9.5"