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Kashima Ebi Tempura Pet Hat

To your furry buddy's chagrin, here's a hilarious and ultra-cute hat in the shape of a Japanese restaurant staple—shrimp tempura. Fastens with a velcro strap. Good for a couple hundred smiles and dozens of laughs. Your Instagram followers won't know what hit them. Hurry and get yours now.

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Includes a nest, a cushion, and a cover (lined with metal wire to hold shape; attaches with velcro).

Pairs well with our jumbo ramen bowl pet beds! Find them in four colours—and other cute accessories for your animals in our collection of pet apparel and accessories.

Dimensions: 27 x 15cm (10cm neck width) or 36 x 22cm (15cm neck width).


Materials: shrimp, breading—fried until crispy and golden.