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Samyang Buldak Original Hot Chicken Ramen Bowl

That spicy ramen.

Clocking in at 4404 scovilles, Samyang’s Original Fire Chicken Ramen Bowl—of Korean Fire Noodle Challenge fame—is undoubtedly one of the spiciest bowls of ramens in the world! Once prepared, this brothless ramen coated in chicken-flavoured hot sauce emulates Korean stir-fried gochujang noodles.


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Noodle (76.6%): wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, palm oil, wheat gluten, salt, soybean oil, sugar solution, sweetener [d-sorbitol solution (e420)], potato starch, thickener [guar gum(e412)], acidity regulators [potassium carbonate(e501), sodium carbonate(e500), sodium phosphate dibasic(e339), citric acid(e330), emulsifiers [lecithin(e22), sodium metaphosphate(e452), sodium pyrophosphate(e450), color [riboflavin(e101).

Soup (22.7%): water, soy sauce, artificial chicken flavor, white sugar, spices (red pepper powder, black pepper powder), soybean oil, onion, seasoning (yeast extract powder, curry powder), red pepper seed oil, garlic, flavor enhancer [disodium 5’-ribonucleotides(e635), monosodium l-glutamate(e621)], acidity regulator (citric acid(e330)], modified tapioca starch, oleoresin capsicum, color [paprika oleoresin{e160c)].

Flake (0.7%): roast sesame, dried laver.

*May contain dairy, soy, nut, and additional ingredients.