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Samyang Buldak Cheese Hot Chicken Ramen Bowl

Identical to the Original Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles, but with CHEESE. These delicious noodles are spicy and cheesy to get the best of both worlds in your bowl. There isn't a more flavourful combination that will satisfy your taste buds. These noodles are quick and easy to make for any meal at any time of the day.

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Noodle (73.4%): wheat flour (41%), tapioca starch (17%), palm oil (12%), wheat gluten, salt, soybean oil, onion powder, acidity regulator [potassium carbonate (ed01), sodium carbonate (e500), sodium phosphate dibasic (e339), citric acid (e330)], thickener [guar gum (e412)], sugar solution, emulsifier, [lecithin (e332), sodium polyphosphate (e452), sodium pyrophosphate (e450)], green tea flavor oil, color [riboflavin (e101).

Soup (23.8%): water, artificial cheese flavor, white sugar, soy sauce, artificial chicken flavor red pepper powder, soybean oil onion powder, garlic powder, tapioca starch, yeast extract powder, paprika powder, flavor enhancer [disodium 5'-ribonucleotide (e635)], black pepper powder, salt.

Powder (2.8%): non fat dry milk powder, roast sesame, dried laver.

*May contain additional ingredients.


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