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Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodle Bowl

If you thought the Samyang spicy chicken noodles was fiery, wait till you meet it's sibling. 2x spicy chicken noodle is the more vicious sibling of the infamous ramen behind the Spicy Noodle Challenge. Not only is it sweat-inducing, hand-clutching, and tongue-numbingly spicy, the noodles retain their depth of flavor and hint of sweetness in the signature Samyang sauce. Try it with friends to see who can finish the noodles or if you're brave, make it a staple in your ramen cabinet. This one is not for the faint of heart.

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Wheat flour, starch, palm oil, vital wheat gluten, purified salt, onion extract, alkali agents, guar gum, vitamin B2, citric acid, green tea flavor oil, purified water, soy sauce, sugar, soybean oil, habanero flavored seasoning, onion, chili powder, red pepper seed oil, garlic, fortified stock powder, modified starch, oleoresin capsicum, paprika pigment, nutritional fortifier, fried sesame, roasted seaweed. *May contain wheat, soy, and additional ingredients.