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Rilakkuma© Ball Pen

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This charming ball pen featuring Rilakkuma will make writing and taking notes more enjoyable!

About Rilakkuma: The Rilakkuma collection was made in 2003 by Japanese brand San-X and features lovable characters. Rilakkuma means "relaxing and lazy bear". Rilakkuma is a creature in a bear costume that appeared one day at Kaoru's house, a human who kept Kiiroitori as a pet. Rilakkuma now enjoys lazing around at Kaoru's place and eating dango, a Japanese sweet rice ball treat. The lovable group includes Rilakkuma the lazy creature in a bear costume, Korilakkuma the white bear cub with a cute red button, Chairoikoguma the bear from the Honey forest and Kiiroitori, the hard working yellow bird.

Details: 14.2cm