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Kashima Instant Tonkotsu Ramen Bowl Pet Bed

Slightly ridiculous yet joy-inducing, this instant tonkotsu ramen bowl-shaped pet bed keeps your little buddy cozy in its foamy material—and with a cute throw cushion that looks like tonkotsu ramen. Since you won't be able to stop taking pictures, the bowl's removable lid is lined with shapeable metal wire so you can adjust its look. What's not to love?

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Includes a nest, a cushion, and a cover (lined with metal wire to hold shape; attaches with velcro).

Pairs well with our Ebi Tempura pet hat! Fun and cute accessories for your furry good boys and good girls: check out our collection of pet apparel and accessories.

Dimensions: 50 x 20cm or 75 x 35cm.


Materials: polyester, urethane foam.