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POKKA SAPPORO Rich Clam Chowder Soup

Just like New England clam chowders,POKKA SAPPORO's clam chowder is luxuriously creamy and thick. It's a rich chowder made with vegetables, a blend of fish and chicken stock, garnished with pieces of bread. What makes this clam chowder famous is it's quick and easy cooking method. Just pour boiling hot water and mix for an instant creamy soup. This pack contains 3 packets.

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Whey powder (dairy products), lactose, vegetable oils, potatoes, salt, glucose syrup, milk and other foods, cream, clam extract, fish bouillon, milk protein, chicken bouillon, yeast extract, chicken extract, vegetable extract (Onions, carrots), sugar, flavor oils, spices, seasoned onion powder, seafood (clams, potatoes, parsley, salt), thickeners (processed starch), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (part of raw materials (Including wheat and soy)


May contain additional ingredients.