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OTTOGI Ramen-Bokki Noodle Bowl

Weight 135 g

Enjoy the chewy texture of noodles with sweet, savoury, and spicy sauce as a quick meal. The chewiness of noodles is similar to Korea's favorite rice cakes. Topped with dried fish cakes to add the delicate seafood aroma this meal is perfect any time during the day!

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Wheat flour, modified starch, palm oil, wheat gluten, calcium, yeast extract, emulsified oil, sorbitol, soybean lecithin, acidity regulator, riboflavin; (soup base) red pepper paste, sugar, water, oligosaccharide, onion, red pepper seasoning sauce, soy sauce, salt, garlic, red pepper, chili extract, tuna extract, beef bone powder, glycine, hydrolized vegetable protein, onion powder, malic acid, beef extract, disodium succinate, black pepper, caramel powder; (dried flakes) cabbage, green onion, fish cake. Contains wheat, soybean, milk, fish(tuna, pollack), egg. *May contain additional ingredients.