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Marutai Seiyoken Premium Tonkotsu Ramen

 Sei Yo Ken is a famous tonkotsu ramen shop known for its intensely rich and flavourful pork soup. The broth is with pork bones is cooked for three whole days extracting all its collagen and flavours for ramen. In 2013, Sei Yo Ken worked with Marutai to bring their famous pork bone noodle soup to everyones' homes. Enjoy one of Japan's best ramens with this pack of Marutai ramens. 


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Pack contains dried noodles and soup base.


Snacks have a different twist in Asia. See our selection of instant noodles and meals.


Ships to Canada only.


Men (wheat flour, salt, vegetable protein, reduced water candy), soup (pork extract, pork fat, soy sauce, prepared lard, salt, protein hydrolyzate, gelatin), kayaku (green onion), thickening Agents (processed starch/xanthan gum), sake spirits, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), glue, glue pigments, flavors, caramel pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E), cacao pigments, (sesame, soybeans, chicken as part of the raw materials) Including). May contain additional ingredients.