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Marutai Oita Chicken with Yuzu Powder Soy Sauce Ramen Noodle

Kyushu island in Japan is known for its fertile land and sea. What makes the Nagasaki (North-West region of Kyushu) style ramen special is the flying fish soup base. Have a taste of flavours of the sea with a savory kick from soy sauce. Each pack serves two people.

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Noodles (wheat flour, salt, vegetable protein, reduced starch syrup), soup [pork oil, powdered soy sauce, salt, vegetable oils and fats, chin (flying fish) powder, sugars (sugar, glucose), roasted sesame seeds, powder fish sauce, vegetable powder , chicken extract, starch, anchovy extract, kelp extract, pork extract, scallop extract, hydrolyzed protein, spices, yeast extract, dried bonito powder, tuna extract, green onion], seasoning (such as amino acids), alcohol, brine, caramel dyes, gardenia dye, antioxidants (vitamin E), perfume, (including some of the raw milk components, soy, gelatin). *May contain traces of milk, egg, fish, soybean, pork, chicken and other additional ingredients.