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Marutai Kumamoto Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Ramen Noodles

Kumamoto-style burnt garlic oil ramen!


The distinguishing quality of this ramen lies in its slightly bitter and toasty Mayu seasoning oil—made by frying garlic in oil until it's rendered black. What results is a striking fusion of robust tonkotsu flavour and punchy garlicky goodness. Prepare Marutai's Kumamoto ramen in mere minutes; throw in some extras and treat yourself to a Japanese ramen staple.


Experience Japanese regional tastes through our collection of Marutai instant ramen.


Two servings per pack.

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Noodles: wheat flour, salt, plant protein, reduced starch syrup.


Soup base: pork extract, ma-yu oil (lard, vegetable oil, garlic, other), salt, powdered soy sauce, vegetable powder, powdered oil, sweeteners (glucose, sugar), protein hydrolyzate, starch, roast garlic, spice, yeast extract, seafood extract, sesame oil), seasonings (such as amino acids), alcohol, kansui, gardenia pigment, pH adjuster, caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), flavoring.


This product contains dairy, shrimp, soybean, chicken and gelatin, and may contain traces of other substances.