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MARUMIYA Matsutake Kamameshi Mushroom Mixed Japanese Rice

Kamameshi aka kettle rice or rice cooked with vegetables in a traditional Japanese iron bowl called the kama. Make your own mushroom kamameshi at home by mixing this seasoning pack with your rice and cooking it in your rice cooker. It's an instant meal you can make in no time. 


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Rice: Uruchi rice (domestic), fructose-glucose liquid sugar, fermented seasoning, soy sauce, salt, chicken extract, acidulant, (wheat is included in some of the raw materials) Ingredients: vegetables (carrots, bamboo shoots, flat mushrooms, pine mushrooms), soy sauce, fried tofu, fermented seasonings, sugar, extracts (鰹, shiitake mushrooms, yeast), soybean oil, salt, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickening agent (xanthan), fragrance, may contain other ingredients.