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Lay's White Rabbit Potato Chips

White rabbit is a childhood favourite candy for many. When paired with crispy and salty potato chips, an addictive snack is created. The milky and sweet taste of the white rabbit is enhanced through the salty and fresh potato flavour of the chip. Just like the candy White Rabbit, salty and sweet will forever be a favourite.

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Starch syrup, sugar, palm oil, reduction palatinose, gelatin (e441), sterile fermented MILK, high-fructose maize syrup, palm oil, dextrin/sweetener (xylitol(e967), sorbitol, aspartame(e951), L-phenylalanine, sweetener), acidulant, thickener (starch), emulsifier, flavouring, caramel colouring (e150a), gelling agent (gum arabic), baking soda, cellulose, glazing agent. *May contain additional ingredients.