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Kitan Club Nekozushi Sushi Cat Series 1 Blind Box

said that if you're lucky enough to spot a sushi cat, you will be rewarded with luck. Sushi cats or nekozushi in Japanese are mystical creatures that hide in plain sight between walls and crevices. With each blind boxes, you will receive 1 nekozushi cat with a chain to hang on your keychains. Series 1 blind boxes are all about the ingredients you'd find in a sushi platter.


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Includes 1 variant per box.


  • Nya-ta (Lobster & Green Onion)
  • Margo (Egg)
  • Shake-boo (Salmon)
  • Toro-mi (Randoseru)
  • Wa-sa-bi (Cucumber)


It's a surprise every time with Kitan Club blind boxes of all types. Collect specialty figurines, keychains, plushies, and more.


History of Sushi Cats