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Kitan Club Cat Cap Blind Box: Kirby

As Japan's favourite pink hero, Kirby's iconic look can't be missed. Now you can transform your cat into a Kirby character with these funky Kirby-themed cat caps. With 5 styles in this cat cap collection, you'll have the chance of getting Kirby in different poses, Waddle Dee, or King Dedede. 

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  • Kirby Face
  • Kirby Vacuum
  • Waddle Dee
  • Kirby Star
  • King Dedede

Dimensions: Perfect for cats with a head circumference of 11-11.5”

Material: Polyester

Note: 1 mystery style per box

About the brand: Kitan Club is a Japanese novelty toy company best known for their quirky creations. From cup clinging figurines to cat caps, and food-themed jewellery, there's always eccentricity to the products.