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Kasugai Mame Roasted Mix Nut Cracker Snacks

A go-to snack for those looking for a different take on regular nut mixes or something unique to munch on! This salted and round-shaped mix features rice crackers, nuts, wasabi peas, and other delicious Japanese snack additions. They are delicious by itself or munched on with a beverage.

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Wheat flour, peanuts, green peas, broad beans, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil, palm oil). (Soybeans, salt, wheat, glucose, caramels), leavening (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), flavor enhancers [monosodium glutamate, protein hydrolysates (soybeans, yeast), sodium citrate, calcium lactate, dipotassium phosphate, DL alanine, disodium trisodiumate, potassium acid tartrate, monosodium fumarate, DL methionine, L-lysine, monohydrochloride, disodium guanylate, succinic acid, potassium chloride, monosodium L-aspartate, L-arginine, disodium succinate], sesame, marine algae, emulsifier (sucrose fatty acid ester), spices [weight reduction of proteins [maize, soybeans, wheat], dextrose, dextrin , Bonito extract] Dried bonito extract, protein hydrolyzates (corn, bonito, runa), salt, bonito extract], brewed spices (dextrose, ethanol, brewed rice spices, hydrolyzed corn protein, salt, sweet cooking of rice wort, distilled vinegar), caramel color FD & C Yellow No.6, FD & C Yellow No.5, FD & C Blue No.1) Natural and artificial flavor, dextrin. *May contain wheat, soy, peanuts, and additional ingredients.


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