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Calbee Quattro Cheese Pizza Potato Chips

These 4 cheese pizza chips don't have that satisfying cheesy pull, but it's got that cheesy flavour with a crispy edge. Forget about 4 cheese pizzas, this snack will take its place no problem. Enjoy the blend of blue cheese, cheddar, emmental, and camembert in one easy to-go snack. 

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Potato, vegetable oil, honey cheese flavor flakes, glucose, salt, lactose, starch, cheese powder (blue cheese powder, cheddar cheese powder, emmental cheese powder, camambert cheese powder), protein hydrolyzate (wheat)・ Including soybeans), yeast extract powder, sake lees powder, honey powder, fried garlic powder, powdered soy sauce / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), fragrance, emulsifier, acidulant, sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound), coloring agent (Carotene, vegetable pigment, caramel). May contain additional ingredients.