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Shopzoki© Strawberry Shiba Heatable Plush


A limited-edition shiba plushie that smells just like sweet strawberries! This plushie comes with a re-heatable inner pouch to make your snuggle sessions extra warm and cozy. Simply microwave the pouch to heat it up, and place it back inside the plushie. Choose between a french lavender or unscented option.

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Body of plush is strawberry scented.


Removeable pouch comes in a french lavender scent, or unscented.


Size: 33cm x 22.8cm x 17.7cm.


Materials: Plush minky fabric, 100% cotton, flaxseed. Scented pouch version contains a mix of dried lavender and flaxseed in the reheatable seed bag.

Using the opening on the back of the plush, remove the seed bag, and microwave for 1 minute.