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Nissin Hakodate Salt Instant Ramen Single Pack

Get a taste of the salty Hakodate coast of Japan. This ramen soup is flavoured with the refreshing and briny scallops off the coast of Hakodate and ingredients from the local area. The broth has a complex sea salt flavour that seeps into the whole wheat noodles. Upgrade your meal by adding fresh seafood to your bowl of ramen. 


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This product is one single noodle pack. Images do not represent the product and are for brand recognition only.

Ships to Canada only.

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Fried noodle (flour, vegetable fat, salt, soy sauce), soup (salt, animal oil (chicken, pig), pork seasoning oil, sugar, pork extract, scallop extract, sesame, spice, onion powder, chicken extract, (Vitamin E), spice extract, caramel coloring matter, coloring agent, coloring agent, coloring agent, coloring agent, coloring agent, white hydrolyzate, flavor oil, vegetable oil and fat) (Including eggs, milk ingredients, crabs as part of raw materials). May contain additional ingredients.