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Calbee Kappa Ebisen Kishu Plum Flavour

Tangy fermented plum from Kishu has a special flavour that's richer and more acidic. Pair that with the savoury shrimp flavours of Kappa Ebisen and you've got the perfect snacking recipe.   


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Product of Japan.

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Wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable oil, starch, shrimp, sugar, salt, plum powder, fructose, plum shiso powder, dextrin, yeast extract powder, sardine extract Powder (including mackerel), fermented yeast extract powder, konbu powder / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, swelling agent, fragrance (including soybean / gelatin), sweetener (licorice, stevia), coloring agent (red koji) , Anthocyanin). May contain additional ingredients.