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Marutai Hakata Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Noodles

Tonkotsu ramen from Fukuoka city's Hakata district—perhaps Japanese ramen culture's magnum opus!

Hakata tonkotsu ramen is made with a pork bone and chicken fusion broth finished with dash of soy sauce, white pepper, and sesame. Savour this ramen's medium-rich soup—traditionally eaten with thinner, undercooked, fast-absorbing noodles. Spare a few minutes to prepare this Japanese cultural classic and enjoy as a light meal!


Experience Japanese regional tastes through our collection of Marutai instant ramen.


Two servings in each pack.


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Noodles: wheat, flour, salt, vegetable protein, reduced starch syrup.


Soup base: salt, roasted sesame, vegetable powder, sugar, maltose, glucose, powder oil, soy sauce powder, vegetable oil, protein hydrolyzate, gums, starch, scallop extract, yeast extract, spices (amino acid), brine water, pH regulator, dye, antioxidant.


This product contains soy, wheat and shellfish, and may contain traces of milk, egg, fish, and other substances.