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Samyang Spicy Chicken Carbonara Ramen Noodle Bowl

Weight 105 g

The well-known Samyang noodles are among the most notable products in the ramen world. As part of the popular line, this chicken carbonara flavour offers a different twist to the original noodles. It offers the perfect blend of creamy sweetness balanced with Samyang's signature spicy sauce.

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Wheat flour, tapioca starch, palm oil, potato starch, salt, E422, soybean oil, thickener E412, water, emulsifier E322, E339, acidity regulator E501, E500, acidifier E330, green tea aroma oil, water, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat flour, water, salt), sugar, artificial chicken meat flavor, chili, cayenne pepper, soybean oil, onion, red chili seed oil, garlic, potato starch, capsanthin E160c, decolourised capsicum Oleoresin, black pepper, curry, milk, sugar, salt, mozzarella cheese flavor, butter flavor, potato starch, parsley, black pepper, garlic, soybean oil. *May contain dairy, soy, nut, and additional ingredients.