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AGF Blendy Cafe Latory: Latte Classics Set

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Enjoy an array of classic lattes that are the perfect drink to have when relaxing. Included in this hand-picked set are 6 matcha flavoured sticks, 8 milky coffee latte sticks, and 8 rich coffee sticks.

Can only be shipped within Canada.



Matcha:  Sugar, vegetable oil, starch syrup, skim milk powder, matcha, dextrin, lactose, salt, yeast extract / pH adjuster, milk protein, flavour (derived from milk), stabilizer (processed starch), emulsifier, sweetener (aspartame L - Phenylalanine) compound, acesulfame K), fine silicone oxide, seasoning (amino acid). *May contain additional ingredients


Milky Coffee Latte: Vegetable oils and fats, starch syrup, instant coffee, sugar, dextrin, skim milk powder, lactose, salt / pH adjusters, milk protein, flavours (derived from milk), stabilizers (processed starch), emulsifiers, sweeteners (aspartame / L-phenylalanine) Compound, acesulfame K), fine silicon oxide, seasoning. *May contain additional ingredients.


Rich Coffee: Sugar, instant coffee, vegetable oil, starch syrup, dextrin, lactose, skim milk powder, salt, milk protein / pH adjuster, casein (derived from milk), flavouring (derived from milk), stabilizer (processed starch), emulsifier, fine particle oxidation Silicon, sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), seasoning.